Multi Talented Filmmaker

I couldn't sleep one night and I was sitting in my office and I realized that I was an independent filmmaker - Darren Aronofsky

Hello world!



So, here’s my blog. I don’t want to offend anyone (but be prepared), the views and opinions expressed on this blog are from me, myself and I. Feel free to agree or disagree.  Either way, I’d love to hear from you. Disclaimer: most of you don’t know me so I feel the need to give you a little insight into my personality. I can be a bit sarcastic (code for smart ass), serious (some might say dramatic) and silly (no you’re never too old to be silly). I often talk too much (but hey it is my blog – see there’s that sarcasm) and I can be well, mmm, be a bit opinionated but in today’s blogasphere isn’t everybody? Enough about me. Read, comment, share and enjoy!

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